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Image by Carolina Cossío

Sorry, we no longer deliver fast food

Restaurant Orders





​Call your desired restaurant to place an order. ​Place the order under your name.

​Let the restaurant know you need at least 20 minutes for Across Town Delivery to come.

​Call 250-275-8844 to request pick-up from the restaurant.


Payment for delivery can be made with cash, debit, Visa or MasterCard at your door.

If the restaurant order is not prepaid, ​the driver will pay for the order ​and collect the cost of the food plus the delivery charge at your door.

In the event that a restaurant forgets to pack something in your order or makes a mistake in the specified preparation of your order, it will be the responsibility of the restaurant to arrange a suitable solution with the customer. If the customer requests that Across Town Delivery return to the restaurant to exchange the food and return it back to the customer, delivery charges will apply.

Across Town Delivery has no control over the food preparation or packing of your order. We will not open any food orders to check if it was packaged/prepared correctly due to food safety standards.

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